Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch faces an $100,000 fine

November 16th, 2014

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch faces an $100,000 fine

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch faces an $100,000 fine if he fails to speak to the media after Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

The amount comes from the $50,000 fine that was imposed then suspended last year for failing to speak to the media.  When the NFL lifted the fine, it also warned Lynch that future failure to cooperate would result in reinstatement of the fine, plus another $50,000.

While the requirement that players speak to the media is aimed at allowing the media to serve as the conduit to the fans, fans typically side with players who are fined for refusing to speak to the media.  That’s likely what will happen in this case, too, especially since the NFL has spent much of the season unable to get out of its own way on matters such as the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases.

If someone is going to be fined $100,000 for bungling the Rice investigation or reneging on the agreement to reinstate Peterson, then go ahead and fine Lynch for not talking to the media.  If the door isn’t going to swing both ways, then let Lynch stay silent if he chooses to do so.

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“See what you guys don’t understand, where you see challenges, I see opportunities. When you read my social network, it says thought-provoker. That’s what it is. What’s the big deal? Why do y’all care? Why do y’all care? Why do y’all care? It is entertaining, so why is it a big deal? It’s entertaining. It’s fun.” Read the rest of this entry »

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